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Lausanne, Switzerland

Prior to HRL, I took the lead in the tool specification, purchase negotiation, environmental
feasibility review, and mitigation of noise sources at The University of Delaware, IBM
Zurich and EPFL for installation of various fabrication tools including wet processing, high
end lithography and metrology tools. At the University of Delaware I was deeply involved
as part of the design team for the construction and tool install phases of the new UDEL
nanofab facility. I coordinated with architects, engineering teams, tool install designers,
and all on-site contractors. I negotiated tool specifications, service contracts/warranties as
well as demonstration, factory and site acceptance criteria with vendors.

When not in the design and tool install phase of a project I have managed electron beam
lithography (EBL) systems at both industrial and educational institutes in both the US and
Europe. All these systems have been based on the Raith (Vistec) EBPG platform (two
5000+ tools and four 5200’s). I am considered a leader in the field of EBL and was a
founding member and am on the board of MAEBL, the Meeting For Advanced Electron
Beam Lithography.

At all institutes, I act as a consultant/resource of knowledge for all fabrication. In all
situations, I try to impress upon researchers that they have to take a careful look at their
entire process and evaluate it for feasibility, not just as a single isolated step. I also have
tried continuously to convince them that nanofabrication is not magic.

I have trained hundreds of researchers to use metrology tools encouraging and
impressing on them to think about the limitations of their measurements and instruments.
Throughout my career I have been exposed to a wide variety of projects and material
systems, including substrate materials such as Si, SiO2, Si3N4, SOI, GaAs, GaN,
AlGaAs, InP, Al2O3, Bi2Se3, SU8, PET. Projects include devices intended for use in
photonics, quantum computing, metamaterials, spin electronics, plasmonics, nanofluidics,
AFM cantilevers, water filtration and Si MEMS watch gears, to name a few.

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